When selling a vehicle online, you have multiple options to consider. Various paid and free sites with a local, regional, or national focus. Recent discussions with two SUV sellers pinpointed the different mindset of buyers searching on paid sites versus free sites.

Free sites, on average, have buyers who focus on price. Buyers often expecting a perfect vehicle to fit within their budget regardless of the vehicle’s age or listed price. Those advertising on a paid site, the market appears to focus on the features of the automobile first. The same vehicle receives two very different inquiries (and responses) depending on the ‘type’ of site.

Though speaking in generalities, this difference in approach is demonstrated in those seeking employment:

Purpose of the Seeker

The job seeker needs a paycheque (as do we all) but they are more focused on getting hired. The ‘type’ of job is a lower priority than the rate of pay and how quickly they can start making money. When the job, itself, turns out to be less than desirable they can be quick to start looking again. To use our analogy, this compares to the buyer browsing the free sites. Their mindset is to seek the best ‘bang for their buck’.

We contrast now the mindset of the career-seeker. These individuals often have a good job. They also have a defined career path and see that they need a change to get that extra experience or that increase in responsibility. While most will not take a drop in pay to get that experience/responsibility, some will consider that if they see a potential for more in the future. They will often stay with a less than desirable employer for an extended time before they start looking as they know a short tenure raises questions with many hiring managers. Again, to use our analogy, this compares to the buyer browsing the paid sites. They focus on the features of the position and the positive impact on their career, rather than the price (salary).

Type of Job/Career Site

Just as there are paid and free sites to sell your vehicle, there are paid and free sites that employers can use to advertise their positions; advertising on numerous sites depending on their budget and business scope.

In our experience as a recruiter, the free sites and social media platforms ‘tend’ to get a lot more applications from job seekers – applicants often do not have the minimal requirements identified for the position. Professional networking sites and niche Job Boards tend to have fewer applications but more of a match for the position’s requirements.

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