The recent blizzard broke a few records, shutting down businesses and commercial/passenger traffic both in city streets and highways.  Many motorists were unprepared for the weather – and even those with studded winter tires experienced some ‘shovel time’. Travelling the Canadian prairie highway a day later, the dual lane road was narrowed to one and the usual first half of the trip (normally 2-hours) stretched to 4.

Abandon the ‘Norm’

Moving slowly, single-file in the ‘fast’ lane (confined by semis for miles), various drivers attempted the abandoned lane to ‘see’ if they can get ahead.  Those attempting the snowy trek, some quickly re-entered the single stream of traffic. Others (who were correctly equipped) braved the rutted snowbanks, gained traction, and pulled ahead of the pack.  I will admit, my initial thought was ‘patience is a virtue’. As the trip extended, though, I started thinking more favourably about those tackling the ruts.

So, how do those (calculated) risk-takers relate to the job hunt? No one wants to end up in the ditch or cause an accident that closes the highway!

Gain Traction

When seeking a new position, many career-seekers stick to the lane that is moving slowly and surely – sticking to the ‘fast’ lane even when going 10 km/hr. They know they will eventually reach their destination/goal regardless of how long it takes.  Some attempted to ‘breakaway’ from the norm but, when faced with a little resistance, merge back into the safe lane.  Those few who ventured into the unknown gained traction because they were unwilling to be held back.

Neither scenario is truly bad – or wrong! We are all at different stages of our career with different thoughts regarding risk-taking. And, what does it mean to say in the safe lane?

Where does your agriculturally-based career search fit in this scenario?  Are you seeking to take a calculated risk to venture out into the lane less travelled?  If so, we invite you to register your career profile with Grasslands Recruitment Specialists.  We do not find jobs for people, we find people for jobs.  Ensuring we know what ‘type’ of a job you seek, and where, will assist us in matching your individual wants with our client’s specific needs – either now or in the future.

Better Late Than Never

After travelling 10 km/hr for far too long, we ventured out of the safe zone. We gained the traction we needed and slowly pulled ahead of the pack (with another 2.5 hours to go from there).   Better late than never I guess – as the road cleared up less than 30 min later.  We would have got there, of course, but it would have taken us a LOT longer had we stayed where we were.

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