2020, of no doubt, was not a year that offered security in many industries.  The economic uncertainty, alone, made companies who stayed operational hesitant to hire people. And, workers who remained employed were hesitant to change jobs. The risk often appeared to be too great with minimal reward. 

Globally, those that are risk-averse took a defensive attitude. Many decided to wait out the difficult times. 

On the other hand, others observed that the rewards of change outweighed the risks.  Companies hired great individuals released by their competitors, and passive career seekers discovered a new career path with a different employer. 

In your career, in which camp do you reside – Risk or Reward? 

Consider these self-reflective, hard questions:

  • Are you applying all your skills in your current position?
  • Do you feel valued by your Supervisor/Employer?
  • Do you truly enjoy your current career path?  What would you change?
  • Are there skills/knowledge you are praised for that you are not using?
  • Would a position that is exciting or inspiring make work more enjoyable?
  • Has your discontentment at work affected your personal relationships?
  • Have you made a list of the challenges and perks you need in a new position?
  • If you were to change, is money your only reason?

Whether advertising vacancies (or not), in our experience, companies will not refuse a great prospective employee!  So, keep your ears open.  The big question is: If an opportunity were to knock, would you open the door?!  Or, would you need a little (or big) ‘push’ to go through that door?

Career Change is a Big Step

Career change is a difficult decision during an economic boom, let alone during the current economy.  Fear and apprehension are normal.  We, at Grasslands Recruitment Specialists, coach and train agribusiness career seekers regularly. We want everyone we represent to be truly prepared for the next step in their career path.  It is always a big step!

Even if a position catches your interest, every step in the decision process can cause a potential red flag.  Consider asking yourself- what would you do if you were not scared?

If you have a background in agribusiness and are truly open to discussing career change, connect with us! 

Coaching for Success

We provide candidates with all the information needed to make an objective decision.  Accordingly, you will get knowledge regarding the company’s structure, role and responsibilities, location advantages and/or disadvantages, amount of travelling (for good or bad), salary, and organizational environment. Thereafter, armed with this information, your mind will automatically create a career path you may want to follow.

We understand that even after you go through all of the research, you will hesitate (or have questions). THAT’S OK! We have been in this industry for over 25 years. We have coached more than 20,000 career seekers; career progression happens.

Grasslands Recruitment Specialists’ main motive is to coach, encourage, and support career seekers during a transition period. Do not get lost on your way to success! If you are a true career seeker and want to make a difference in your career, call us @ 1.888.778.0570

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