“Having some experience with recruiters in the past two years, I appreciated that a candidate with the skill level we were looking for was presented. We weren’t pushed to exceed our salary range for the position or presented with someone who wouldn’t be happy with the position with their qualifications, either overqualified or under-qualified. I am confident that this candidate will fit in with the team. I recognize that our city can be a challenge to find the right candidate but this seems to be the right fit. I also appreciate the articles and resources. Thank you”

Grain Millers – 6/3/2017 ~ Recruiter: Dona Plewis

I would say working with Grasslands Group was the best experience I have ever seen and would recommend anyone to contact you.

Mike Beaulieu – 3/28/2018 ~ Recruiter: Dona Plewis

Blair had always been very honest and had both employer and employee’s best interest in mind.

Mark Steininger – 2/22/2019 ~ Recruiter: Blair Clark

“Grasslands Recruitment is a very professional organization and the organization really takes the time and effort to understand their client’s needs and expectations.”

Confidential – 2019 ~ Recruiter: Blair Clark

Connie always provides a very high level of customer services. The candidates she provides are of excellent quality and I look forward to work with her again.

UFA – 2/24/2019 ~ Recruiter: Connie Harder

Very pleased with how we were treated and the fairness of the fees regarding the JFG. No embellishment of skills during presentation. Really good impression of services – no concerns. Good interaction.

Agland – 4/4/2019 ~ Recruiter: Blair Clark

“Grasslands has helped us find qualifies talent in a timely manner. They help take the load off when looking for recruiting people.”

Global Ag Risk Solutions – 2019 ~ Recruiter: Blair Clark

I first learned about Grasslands Recruitment Specialists when they contacted me directly. They were honest with me regarding the evaluation of my skills and potential fit for the position. Ed was primarily interested in determining my career health/career plan and accurately represented the hiring company throughout the process. It was a detailed approach with sincerity. Overall it was a very good experience.

Mike Mueller – 5/16/2019 ~ Recruiter: Edward Danneberg

After a few months of being on your system, it was like Connie handpicked me for this job opportunity and it seemed like the fit is exactly what I was looking for. I would not have been able to find this opportunity on my own.

Doug Seland – 5/22/2019 ~ Recruiter: Connie Harder

Excellent customer service, professional and detailed oriented. They know and understand the industry well and give us the clear opportunity and path to succeed in the search.

Pablo Malacara – 7/30/2019 ~ Recruiter: Mike Bachner

Grasslands Recruitment is a very professional organization and the organization really takes the time and effort to understand their clients’ needs and expectations.

Frontlink – 8/19/2019 ~ Recruiter: Blair Clark

Connie’s attention and commitment to finding someone to fill our needs was greatly appreciated. She understood the idiosyncrasies of the size and the diversity of the role making it a unique fit for someone. Positioning someone in Regina was also a challenge and in the end finding the candidate she did it was very clear from first introduction this was who we were waiting for. Thank you Connie!

PMT – 10/21/2019 ~ Recruiter: Connie Harder

Everything about this hiring process for me was top notch. It was an extremely thorough process but I respect that – it means the company I want to work for is serious about finding the “right” person. That says alot about a company.

Karla Krabbenhoft – 11/12/2019 ~ Recruiter: Blair Clark

Ed was great. Very helpful and informative. He was patient through the long process and I felt he had my best interests in mind, not just about filling a position. He was low pressure and not pushy at all, listening to my concerns and communicating them clearly to the hiring company.

Daniel Bolton – 3/19/2020 ~ Recruiter: Edward Danneberg

Grasslands is a very professional company who matches your skills and qualifications to the employer seeking that right fit.

Clifford Lorenz – 3/31/2020 ~ Recruiter: Blair Clark

I had a great experience with my representative. They understood my needs and wants. Which was great. Overall just a wonderful experience.

Derek Heise – 4/29/2020 ~ Recruiter: Theresa Bolton

537507537507What I will say is that it has been an absolute pleasure working with Theresa. She is thorough and on the ball with finding candidates. She is certainly resourceful and in a short period of time has already placed three (3) candidates. I would certainly recommend Theresa and look forward to continue working with her as she finds more candidates to present.

G3 Canada – 5/28/2020 – Recruiter: Theresa Bolton

Edward was very professional and knowledgeable. He was able to match the company requirements for the position with my experience and expectations

Ivan Gonzalez – 7/15/2020 – Recruiter: Edward Danneberg

I would recommend the services of GRS to other agriculture professionals as they are customer-driven and highly professional. I really appreciated the attention to detail and ensuring that the candidate was a good match for the position and for the company of interest.

Gail Nelson – 8/7/2020 – Recruiter: Theresa Bolton