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Frequently Asked Questions - Assessments

This page include answers to the most common questions people have about testing and assessments.

1. What Are Credits?
Credits are the currency used within the Prevue Assessment™ online platform. The full Suite of Reports (report pack) uses 40 credits while other individual reports vary in the credits required. Pricing varies per credit based on quantities purchased.

2. What is Self-Administered versus Vendor-Assisted?
We can assist with the administration of your Prevue Online activities on a fee-based system (Vendor-Assisted) or you can do it yourself. There is an annual service agreement option available as well.

3. How Much Time Does it Take to Complete the Assessment?
Of the 6 sections within the Prevue assessment, four are timed. These timed sections take 22 minutes total. The remaining two sections are not timed. On average it takes between 45 minutes to an hour from start to finish. The time it takes to assess a candidate is minimal compared to the time you will invest in training, counseling, and eventually terminating the wrong hire. With online hiring assessments, most of the time invested in the process is the candidate’s time.

4. Would An Assessment Turn Away Good Candidates?
You would not accept an order from a vendor with the wrong parts, therefore why would you hire an employee that does not have the right ‘fit’? A big benefit derived from using assessments is that organizations actually expand their talent pool. Do not miss high-potential candidates who might interview poorly but have all the skills, attitude, and ‘fit’ required, if not more. Assessments can help find the diamonds in the rough, both internally and externally.

5. Candidates Can Fake the Tests, Right?
This is a valid concern. Just like during the interview, some people are more skilled at playing a role that cannot be delivered after they are hired. Assessment publishers are aware of this and many of the top tools in the world today incorporate a “fake-ability” scale. Questions embedded in the assessment help managers evaluate how reliable the information is and if the candidate has attempted to manipulate his or her responses.

6. How Many Credits Do I Need?
Credits are used when a benchmark is first activated (40) and when a report for a candidate is generated for the first time. Usually it is 40 credits for each candidate initially but you can access up to 7 reports 24/7/365 for that candidate indefinitely once their assessment is recorded in the database. An easy calculation would be to take 30% of your employee numbers and multiply by 40. (e.g., staff of 300 = 100 assessments at 40 credits = 4000 credits).

7. Do Candidates Get Upset When Asked To Take The Assessment?
A client provided us with the best response to this concern: “If a candidate balks at completing our hiring process and this is the time when they are supposed to be on their best behaviour, what will happen the first time we ask them to do something they do not think is part of the job?” It is important to look at the assessment as equal to the interview and background checks. Resumes, applications, interviews, and even general observations are all on equal footing. If a candidate refused to submit his resume or give permission to check references, you certainly wouldn’t forego these steps. The assessment is just another part of the employee selection or internal promotion process.

8. How Long To Get The Results?
Reports are available immediately following a candidate’s completion of the assessment. Depending on your individual preferences, you will receive an email with either the requested PDF reports attached or with a link to view them online.

9. Do I Need Certification To Understand The Reports?
Some assessment instruments do require extensive training and certification prior to utilization. In our view, assessment data should be intelligible and not require extensive ‘certification’ to make use of it. Our Prevue™ reports are written so that even the most inexperienced manager can understand the information. These results are provided in both graphical and text form to ensure it is displayed in a way that means something to the reader. We also provide reference documents to relate the Prevue information to standard competency, business, and safety related traits.

10. What About Face Validity?
Face validity is very important but it isn’t a good predictor of job fit. If it was, every candidate who says he’d be a great fit would become your next super-performer. Some tools have very strong face validity (ipsative tools) but others, like Prevue Assessments™, that are normed against the working population world-wide and are used for job “fit” and potential are considerably more sophisticated. Prevue™ measure innate personality traits, or your “core” personality. With experience and training, a candidate may have acquired skills that cover up potential shortcomings. This is why it is very important to use both the assessment data and the interview to discover the natural fit, the learned fit, and the potential for growth.

11. What Is a Benchmark?
Customized “job fit” profiles that describe the ideal candidate characteristics for the positions in your organization based on input from key. Benchmarks are built using an analysis of the characteristics of the top performers in a position, input from management surveys, or a combination of these two sources of information. For more information click here

12. Is Training Available?
We will provide complimentary training for all new Prevue Online administrators within the first 30 days following an initial purchase. Optional training webinars are available on a set schedule from our Publisher.

13. Where Do I Login to Prevue Again?
An employer administers their account at

14. Where Do The Candidates Go Online To Complete the Assessment?
As a candidate you would go to

15. How Often Should Benchmarks Be Updated?
We recommend benchmarks be validated every 2 years or immediately when a job function/responsibilities change. Another consideration is if there has been a change in the positions management and different personality traits would be necessary.

16. Can Prevue™ Help With A Dysfunctional Team?
With Prevue Assessment™, we can assess all members of a team and perform a Team Analysis on the data. We also offer facilitated sessions to allow all members to Understand Style Differences.

17. Do I Only Use Prevue Assessment™ To Make My Hiring Decisions?
The Prevue Assessment™ should be 1/3 of your hiring decision. Use it as the objective part in conjunction with your subjective interviewing and backgrounding process.

18. Why Should I Bother With Assessments?
The overall hiring process is very subjective. Assessments add in the objective data that allows you to see what that person is like before you hire them. You can determine from the results if they have the competencies you have identified and if they have good potential for success in the position based on the identified benchmark.

19. What Does The Acronym WNS1S2IP Stand For?
There are six sections to the Prevue Assessment™. The acronym represents these sections. There is Working with Words (W), Working with Numbers (N), two Shapes sections (S1 and S2), Interests/Motivations (I), and Personality (P). Different reports use different sections to generate the data.

20. Can You Identify Competencies With the Prevue™ Reports?
Competencies are a combination of personality, interests, and abilities. We have a reference document that can be used to determine if a candidate’s results indicate they have a defined competency.

21. Is the Benchmark Used Only for New Hires?
Half of the reports in the hiring, development, and corporate planning report families use the benchmark. The reports that are generated without a benchmark are the Working Characteristics, Individual, and Corporate Coach.

22. Is Prevue Assessment™ Only For New Hires?
Prevue Assessment™ is intended not only for a hiring tool but to be used for internal promotion, development, and corporate planning tool.

23. Will Prevue Assessment™ Help With Interviewing?
The Selection report provides behavioural descriptive interview questions for all areas in which the candidate was ‘off’ the benchmark for the position. The questions assist the interviewer in determining if the results for a specific benchmark scale are going to be an issue.

24. What Criteria Should I Use When Selecting A Hiring Assessment Tool?
The tools we reviewed for use in selecting candidates met the following criteria:

  • Did it have a validity commentary that assists in determining the accuracy of the information we are reading about the candidate?
  • Does it measure what matters? Are top and poor performers in the same job consistently scoring differently?
  • Is the tool actually recommended as part of the hiring process? Is it created for use in business?
  • Does the assessment provide the hiring manager with an interview guide or placement report that is customized based on how the candidate completed the assessment? Does it give the questions to ask in an interview PLUS tell them why they are asking them and what to listen for in response.
  • Is the tool available for future use after the person is hired for on-boarding, future development, and succession planning?
  • Is the tool recognized by known authorities in psychometrics? Does it meet or exceed the standards specified by the US Department of Labour guidelines for measuring the reliability and validity of employment assessments?

25. What Are Ipsative and Normative Assessment Tools? Where Does Prevue™ Fit?

  • Ipsative tools ask candidates to describe themselves from different perspectives and, because it is all derived from the candidate’s perspective of themselves, you have no way of knowing how accurate – or truthful – the results of the assessment are. It can also depend on the candidate’s mood how well they score. The same candidate taking the same test within weeks of each other can have significantly different results.

    This is the largest class of assessment in the market. Familiar names would be DiSC, Myers Briggs, Thomas International, Reid Report, LIMRA, and others. Many are good instruments but the basic construction of the tool is a problem in hiring.
  • Normative tools compare the candidate’s attitudes and core behaviours to those of the general population; essentially telling you how similar or different they are to ‘most people’ in areas that will be critical to success on the job. This construction gives normative assessments their objectivity and the ability to reliably predict how the candidate will fit with their manager, in their job, with their coworkers, and in the culture of the organization.

    Prevue Assessment™ is a normative tool.

26. Why Do Candidates Have To Turn Off Pop-Up Blockers?
Since there are timed sections in the Prevue Assessment™, the format has been designed in a pop-up window to ensure candidates aren't delayed in the completion of the assessment/section because of a slow Internet connection. This slow-down can take valuable time away from them when needed.

27. How Can I Best Utilize the SSP?
The Sales Success Profile is best utilized prior to hiring or prior to a sales training program. Instead of planning a general sales training, having the sales staff complete the SSP prior will show the areas on which to focus the training, then, after 6-8 months have each attendee complete the SSP again. As selling skills are trainable, this reassessment will indicate if they both learned and have applied the training.

28. Are There Some Common Profiles for Salespeople To Which I Can Compare my SSP Results?
We have provided examples of common profiles on our site. Or, request them via email.


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