Your resume has received excellent feedback, you’ve passed the telephone screening stage and you’ve finally been scheduled for an interview.

Interviews are the final hurdle in the job-hunting process, so it’s very important to prepare fully.

If you are looking to ace your next interview, then preparation is key. But aside from studying the job description and researching the company, you also need to ensure that you enter the interview fully equipped with everything you need to succeed.

Do you still need to take a printed copy of your resume with you in 2016? Should you have some questions prepared?

Here are 8 essential interview items that you should take with you to every job interview if you want to be organized and professional:

  • Multiple copies of your resume: It’s easy to assume that the interviewer will have your resume in hand once you reach interview stage, however you shouldn’t leave the responsibility with them. Printers can break and emails can get lost so there is always a chance that they will not have your resume. Be pro-active and take multiple printed copies of your resume to ensure that everyone you speak to has a copy to refer to during the interview.
  • A smart folder or bag: In order to look professional and stay organized, invest in a smart folder or bag to store your resume and other interview essentials. Turning up with a plastic supermarket bag or producing a crumpled resume from your pocket will not create a great impression. A pen and notepad: You will probably cover a lot of important details throughout the course of the interview and it will be impossible to remember them all. When it comes to making follow up emails and comparing offers, notes are essential, so take a pen and pad with you.
  • Some pre-prepared questions: You will naturally have some questions about the job you are interviewing for; so ensure you cover them all by writing them down and taking them with you. As well as helping to jog your memory, it will also make you look like a well-prepared candidate.
  • The job description: To ensure that you’ve fully familiarized yourself with the role, make some notes on the job description and take it with you. On the day of the interview, it’s wise to arrive to the area 30 minutes early and grab a coffee while you review the job details for one last time before heading in.
  • The interview details: Don’t rely on your mobile’s email to view your interview details, because internet access is not always guaranteed. Save the important details to your phone or write them down- especially the address and name of the interviewer.
  • Relevant certificates: If the job you are applying for requires certain qualifications then it’s best to take some proof that you have them. You won’t always be asked to show them, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Examples of your work: If you are in a creative industry such as graphic design then you may have a portfolio of your work to take with you. Non-creative professionals need to think outside the box a little and use things like sales figures, awards, reference letters, performance reviews and client testimonials.

(excerpts from Andrew Fennell, 07/09/2016)

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