Advance Your Career – 20 Ways to Do So

The agriculture and agri-food sectors are a major economic force in Canada. It employs over 2.3 million Canadians. Amazingly, this sector accounts for 1 in 8 jobs in the Canadian economy (12% of Canadian employment). The sector’s direct impact on the Canadian economy will be significant as the global demand for Canada’s food and agriculture products increases.

A Career in a Smaller Centre Isn’t All that Bad!

As a career seeker, have you received this call from a recruiter or hiring manager? “Hello. I’m a Recruiting Manager at XYZ Executive Search and I’m calling you to determine whether you’d be interested in joining our client in a senior and challenging role situated at their facility in (small, remote town)?”


When you stop READ MORE–>

Key Characteristics to Accelerate Career Growth (Part 1)

Abraham Maslow is well-known for identifying the shared basic human needs a hierarchy of needs – with self-actualization as the pinnacle.  The hierarchy shows basic bodily and psychological needs as foundational before one seeks full personal potential.  This peak is defined as self-actualization an inherent desire to become everything one is capable of becoming.  How can this READ MORE–>

Interview? Job Offer Negotiation

I. Introduction: When and How to Talk Compensation


With any luck, the money topic will be brought up at some point during your interview. This is a sure sign of an employer’s interest in you and your skills. But, you should not push the issue. Never bring up the subject of compensation until the prospective READ MORE–>

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