Working with an Executive Recruiter on Your Next Successful Hire

There are many good reasons why working with an executive recruiter makes sense for your next hire as well as many common misconceptions.

Some companies will partner with a specialized executive recruiter and outsource their mid to senior level hiring because they recognize the value in it.  Some companies will first attempt to make a hire themselves and then READ MORE–>

Big Toll After a Bad Hire

Cost of a Bad Hire for the Applicant

Why is the recruitment evaluation process so long? It must seem like a big toll on your time (and energy) to talk multiple times with a recruiter, complete paperwork, etc. before a company sees your file. What are the risks?

Cost of Resignation

If you are employed and we connect with you regarding READ MORE–>

Balance the Scales

By Kelley Robertson, President of the Robertson Training Group

If you’re like most people you are probably working harder and longer than you used to. As a result, finding a balance in today’s fastpaced world is more difficult than ever before. Yet, a healthy balance has also never been more important. Here are a few strategies READ MORE–>

Career Transition Checklist

It is our experience that people consider advertised roles rather than thinking about what they truly want from their next career transition.  This makes sense as they are usually busy being successful in their current position and don’t have too much time to commit to a job hunt.  It is often a “quick look” at a job board READ MORE–>

Bad Career Habits that Break Good Careers

Why Great People Have Not-so-Great Careers. The habits that break.

Working in the career industry, I see literally hundreds of resumes and hundreds of people on a regular basis, and I’m never short of amazed and fascinated at the degree of talent, training, and expertise out there. And then, I ask myself, “If there are so many above-average people READ MORE–>

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