The Grasslands Recruitment Specialists Advantage

Partnering with Grasslands Recruitment Specialists is the only way to secure highly qualified and well-prepared candidates. Our business approach is based on our belief that candidates excel when working with a good fit from the start; placing them into roles suited to their individual needs.

At Grasslands, we strive to become the best talent recruitment agency you have ever worked with. That’s because we work with only the most talented and driven professionals who are passionate about working for a company that cares about their success.

As a result, our talent pool is always deep and diverse, and often includes technology professionals, sales and marketing professionals, healthcare professionals and more. GRS’ team of experienced professionals searches far and wide to find you candidates who have the potential to succeed in a specific position. You can be sure that only those with potential for success will be placed in your pool, generally, those who are currently employed and/or actively looking for work.

The Back 40 Podcast: Episode #68 Mike Bachner

0 – 1:10 Intro
1:10 – 2:17 How Did You Get Started in Recruiting?
2:17 – 5:34 The Labour Shortage in Ag Jobs
5:34 – 8:38 Our Search Process
8:38 – 9:23 Making a Great Match
9:23 – 14:49 What Skills Do You Need?
14:49 – 15:20 Ad
15:20 – 18:02 Farm Facing Jobs: Establishing Trust and Rapport
18:02 – 18:28 How Do We Deal with Less Farm Kids?

18:28 – 20:39 Career Opportunities in Ag
20:39 – 22:32 Ag Doesn’t Mean Going Back to the Farm
22:32 – 24:03 Tech in Ag
24:03 – 24:48 Traditional Labor in Ag
24:48 – 26:14 What Keeps You Interested?
26:14 – 27:31 Is This an Aging Industry?
27:31 – 28:43 How Do You Find GRS?
28:43 – 29:34 Closing

To help great talent find excellent career opportunities and to help excellent employers find great talent to help grow their businesses that’s just a really good combination.

No Matter Who You Are, We’ve Got What You Need.

Grasslands is devoted to helping you hire great talent at every level of your organization. We believe that a successful employee experience starts with simple, but very important things like: identifying the qualities required for your company; building a pipeline of candidates from which to select from; and coaching and developing exceptional team members to realize their full potential.

Our Search Process

In order to attract the right person for this position, we need to perform a detailed job analysis. This will help us fully understand and confirm the cultural fit, required qualifications, and key skillset of the ideal applicant, as well as the scope and key deliverables of the position.

At the end of this process, we will develop and finalize documentation to support the search process.

The next step is to conduct a robust background check on each candidate, so that we can determine their interest level in the position and their fit for our client’s organization. This can be done through relevant industry contacts or by conducting a detailed phone interview with each candidate.

The processes of the candidate recruitment, selection and training are very important in order to make sure that your client hires top notch employees. Therefore, we need your help to provide us with a short list of the most interviewable candidates for our client’s review and feedback. Perform further testing and analysis on selected candidates as required.

We do a series of interviews with our client’s selection committee. After each interview, we debrief with candidates and the selection committee to understand its significance and gauge their reaction.

We perform a robust search of active and passive candidates to determine their interest level in the role and their fit for our client’s organization. Leveraging 85 years of combined specialized agribusiness search experience, we pre-screen, interview, and background all potential candidates for a hiring process that ensures good talent is being placed with the right employers.

Meeting with new employees and onboarding them into our client’s corporate culture is part of our job. We work diligently to stay in touch with candidates throughout the probationary period, and beyond, to make sure that both parties are happy with the transition from employee to partner.