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We Understand. We Can Help.

At Grasslands Recruitment Specialists, we have been progressively connecting Canadian agriculture since 1996. Our focus- through a process of discovery- is to find the best candidate for our client employers and the perfect opportunity for career seekers.

Our team is strategically placed within and throughout the Canadian labor market- understanding the differences and similarities between each agribusiness and agrifood sector, and of the numerous geographical regions of the country. We provide national coverage with local expertise.

We maintain business partnerships with independently owned specialized search firms to expand our reach globally. We understand the needs of national and international agribusiness and agri-food employers.

As a search firm, we have dedicated our resources to being an integral part of the continued growth and diversity of the Canadian agricultural economy, and to improving people’s lives.

With over 85 years of combined specialized agribusiness search experience, we make connections happen.


Continually develop interdependent relationships with clients and career seekers to provide valuable information to enable better decision making.

Our Executive Search Services

Recruiting is finding ‘people for jobs’ – matching a qualified candidate to a client employer with a specific need, for mutual benefit. This simple statement is compounded by the complex interaction of businesses, people, and how we communicate and relate to each other. Because of this complexity, understanding the mindset of our client by asking intelligent questions and listening carefully to their answers allows us to determine the true business need. Similarly, understanding the mindset of our candidate by asking intelligent questions and listening carefully to their answers allows us to identify their aspirations, career trajectory and ‘fit’ with our client.

Determining the need, and doing what is best for the client, is the basis for our recruitment process.

From a detailed Job Analysis to the Replacement Insurance, we work to know our client and understand their business. We do not just fill requisitions; we work to ensure the person selected has the best predictability of success within the given workplace- or they are not presented. Our clients have recognized the significant value of including our search services in their hiring process.

Grasslands Recruitment Specialists is pleased to offer search options to address your specific recruitment needs. We will craft each search to reflect your unique needs and circumstances. Our executive search process provides you with an opportunity to acquire a top-tiered candidate. Each step in our process provides a piece of essential information required to make an informed hiring decision.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and the options available to you.

Our Driving Values

Thought Leadership

Accept human desires and never try to change them. Get in front of the path of those desires. Focus on the magic, not the tragic – no fear. Are you working on the right things?

Consistent Fulfillment

Choose the path which best suits the customer and the customer’s customer. Answers ‘why’ they want to do business with us. Responsive and prompt delivery. Faith in our service. Products and services that save time and money. Consistency. Predictability.

Dominant Accountabilities

Culture of accountability. Clear expectations. Outbound activities. Recognize achievements – a culture where you can ‘shout out’ your successes.

Progressive Partnerships

With staff, clients, competing firms, and suppliers where deposits equal withdrawals. Earn the right to make the ‘wheels of commerce’ spin faster. Be honest, not just nice. Do what we say. Understand the emotion behind why buyers buy, and sellers sell.

Real Innovation

Systems that change the course of industries or even society through training, mentorship, support, and lifelines. Good facilitation where input is equal to output.

Messenger For The Industry

As a company, we have dedicated our resources to be part of the continued growth and diversity of the Canadian agricultural economy. Our team is strategically placed throughout the Canadian labour market- understanding the needs of national and international employers, and the unique challenges of recruiting in rural Canada. We provide national coverage with local expertise.

Canadian agribusiness leaders can leverage proven processes to acquire talent for their organizations as this alliance will continue to offer industry support within the following key sectors, among others:

Industry Sectors

Agriculture is our focus. Talent is our business. We make connections happen.

We are proud that most of our engagements are repeat business from existing clients and client referrals-which is the best endorsement of all!


Here’s what some clients and candidates have said about us:

As a candidate, my experience with Grasslands was very positive. My contact was accessible and available to answer any questions I had. Grasslands was supportive and clear on the touchy subject of salary expectations and negotiations. The skill-scope exercise that Grasslands ran really helped me think through the role and how I would approach it. It was great preparation for face to face interviews.

Placed Candidate
Director of Sales and Marketing

I want to thank you for believing in me more than I believed in myself. Thank you for working on placing me here. Perseverance paid off this year. Thank you sir.

Placed Candidate
Agronomy Manager

I do thank you for all you did for me. This is a great business with a very nice team.  Very happy to be here!

Placed Candidate
National Product Manager- Pet Food

Having some experience with recruiters in the past two years, I appreciated that a candidate with the skill level we were looking for was presented. We weren’t pushed to exceed our salary range for the position or presented with someone who wouldn’t be happy with the position with their qualifications, either overqualified or under-qualified. I am confident that this candidate will fit in with the team. I recognize that our city can be a challenge to find the right candidate, but this seems to be the right fit. I also appreciate the articles and resources. Thank you.

Manufacturing & Processing


[My colleague] recommended that I speak to you because of your excellent reputation within the field of agriculture of matching up people with opportunities for growth.

Referred Candidate

Grasslands Recruitment is a very professional organization, and the organization really takes the time and effort to understand their client’s needs and expectations.

Hiring Manager
Equipment Importer/Distributor

Grasslands has helped us find qualified talent in a timely manner. They help take the load off when looking for recruiting people.

National Sales Manager
Production Cost
Insurance Company

I appreciate everything that you have done for us throughout the search for potential candidates to fill our position. Thanks again for all your efforts, it was a pleasure to work with you throughout the process Mike! I enjoyed working with you, and we will keep in touch on future opportunities.

National Sales Manager
Animal Health

Randy is easy to work with and did a nice job of communicating with potential candidates. They always felt very informed and both sides enjoyed the process.

President & Managing Partner
Grain & Food

I was fortunate to be in contact with Randy from Grasslands for my career step up. The way I was guided was unique, he treated me with professionalism, transparency and more than that, he was also my career advisor. Randy spent more than an hour with me to understand my experience and expectations. He guided me to an opportunity that best suited my needs. During all the interview process he was always in contact and ready to help. I definitely recommend Grasslands to who is looking for a new opportunity.

Placed Candidate

All good Ed. Really enjoying my employment with my current company. Thanks again for convincing me to take the first interview. May not have this job and opportunity if it wasn’t for you. Lots of success in 2022 and going to be a very busy 2023. Challenging and lots to learn but I prefer it that way. Was tired of working in the corporate world and enjoying working in the private sector once again. Great team and continuing to grow.

Placed Candidate
Regional Sales – Grain / Seed Equipment

Yes, Randy was excellent in guiding me through the process of changing job. He listened to my criteria and presented me with opportunities that suited my circumstances. He also provided assistance in preparing for interviews and stayed in contact all the way to the point of receiving an offer. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Grassland if I was to change again.

Placed Candidate
Vice President

We are very pleased that this search has closed successfully. We appreciated your guidance and support throughout this process. We are confident that your candidate will be a great addition to our team, and we are looking forward to his start with us. Thanks again and we would welcome the opportunity to work together with Grasslands in the future.

Senior Director
Wholesale Fertilizer

After dealing with other recruitment companies on both sides of the job hunt Grassland and specifically Randy take the extra steps in making sure that the company and people match. This takes the stress out of the process for both sides and results in better matches. I have learned that all recruitment companies aren’t the same and Grasslands is simply better than the others I have dealt with.

Placed Candidate
National Sales/Marketing Manager-Animal Nutrition

Randy truly went above and beyond. It was world class.

Placed Candidate

Randy was very professional and efficient.

Placed Candidate
Director of Sales – Western Canada

I received good support [from Randy].

Placed Candidate