Compatibility Great Employer or Blind Date Disaster

We all know how important compatibility is in our relationships. I remember a blind date years ago that was arranged by the guys at work – it did not take me long to recognize there was not any compatibility.  Though well-intentioned – the date was not a success. Yet, one month later I met my husband and we READ MORE–>

Keep Hiring Managers Interest

Getting invited to an interview for a position you have always wanted is exciting. But before you start the happy dance, are you sure that you are prepared to put your best foot forward? There are plenty of ways you could foul up the interview process, but there are some crucial ones that turn off the Hiring Manager READ MORE–>

Relocation Exploration

Exploring relocation changes everything you know. Probably, in a familiar environment, the routine of going to work and paying bills contributes to a stable and comfortable mindset. Even changing this mindset takes a lot of consideration. Not only is there a financial decision (pro and con), consequently there is an emotional attachment to friends, family, or community. Perhaps READ MORE–>

Protect Your Mental Health in the Workplace

The terms “Mental Health” and “Mental Illness” are often used interchangeably but they do refer to different things. A Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) article defines the two (January 13, 2020). Mental illness affects day-to-day functioning. It is attached to anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depressive disorder. The CMHA states mental health is a READ MORE–>

Candidate Interviews; Missing the Mark with the Passive

When an employer posts a job online, applications are primarily from the “active” applicant – the one that wants/needs a job and is focused on finding one. This then starts the gruelling task to pre-screen and interview multiple people to narrow down the list to find a candidate worth interviewing. There is no shortage of active applicants and READ MORE–>

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