Ghosting A Prospective Employee

Why ghosting is not a good idea and how it could affect your company’s reputation.

Ghosting is becoming more and more common in our personal life – in dating and in relationships for various reasons but it is starting to become common in a professional capacity.

I’m sure ghosting is not something that happens all the time in your organization, READ MORE–>

Supervisor’s Guide to Effective Employment Interviewing

Many employers train their managers and supervisors in the legal aspects of hiring and firing. Typically this training will impress upon participants what they should not ask and do in an employment interview.

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to line supervisors in preparing for and conducting a valid, reliable interview. No attempt is made to READ MORE–>

Interview Preparation Guide

Congratulations for considering this dynamic opportunity. As every interview process is different, we have put together some tips, suggestions, and worksheets to prepare you for this opportunity. We want you to determine if this position is a right fit for you.

Before the Interview:

Know the Employer

Before you enter an interview, you should know everything about both the company and READ MORE–>

Interview Preparation Tips

Must Haves for Your Next Interview

After many years in the recruiting business, we’ve learned that candidates often lack preparation when facing a career transition or job change.

Here are five simple steps to take before an interview to help you land the job.

Prepare Your Story

Throughout your career, you may pursue different directions. Be prepared to discuss the reasons for READ MORE–>

Advance Your Career – 20 Ways to Do So

The agriculture and agri-food sectors are a major economic force in Canada. It employs over 2.3 million Canadians. Amazingly, this sector accounts for 1 in 8 jobs in the Canadian economy (12% of Canadian employment). The sector’s direct impact on the Canadian economy will be significant as the global demand for Canada’s food and agriculture products increases.

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