How Technology Fools You to Quick-Apply

Experts state to create a story within a job ad. Online job boards and social media have made it simpler to apply with one click for every position advertised, but should you?

Statistics indicate that men will apply if they fit 60% of the qualifications while women are more discerning at 90%. As such, some organizations fill their funnel READ MORE–>

Find Satisfying Work

Are you an older job-seeker who is currently looking for work? If so, you have likely faced your share of roadblocks and unfortunate stereotypes based upon your age alone. Yet, despite the discouraging experiences you may have encountered, a post-midlife job search can bring undeniable rewards: renewed energy and vigour, a sense of purpose and a fresh start. READ MORE–>

Brand Build with Personality Traits

Certain personality traits are prerequisites for climbing the ‘proverbial’ corporate ladder. Those in the C-suite or senior management don’t have exclusivity on these traits. These personality traits are crucial to building your brand in whatever industry you choose.


This may seem like a no brainer, but exhibiting loyalty to the corporation for which you work is important. I don’t READ MORE–>

Video Etiquette for Interview Success

Recently this topic has, due to recent events, become more and more relevant.  Videoconferencing is necessary for multiple scenarios and being able to do so well via video is crucial.  No matter what people say, interviewing via video is just not the same as being there.  You do not usually see yourself during a face-to-face interview!

To have a READ MORE–>

Details of the Recruiter Selection Process

The recruiter selection process involves multiple phases (Note: Process and pacing often vary based on the market demand, stage and the size of the organization):

Set-Up Phase

Clarifying Needs Recruiters work to ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of the competencies and experience the client looks for.  In addition, they focus on the company goals, values, styles, and culture to READ MORE–>

Showcase Your Skills to Gain a Promotion

Years ago, a resume was constructed to promote skills. The format was to list employer details, a detailed list of the position’s tasks/duties, and education regardless of the position applied for. Simple, right? It didn’t matter (or prove) if an applicant could do the listed tasks/duties well…

The role of the resume has changed. Formatting is always important. READ MORE–>

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