As a career seeker, have you received this call from a recruiter or hiring manager? “Hello. I’m a Recruiting Manager at XYZ Executive Search and I’m calling you to determine whether you’d be interested in joining our client in a senior and challenging role situated at their facility in (small, remote town)?”


When you stop laughing, do you have to ask the Recruiting Manager to repeat the location?


Before you reply “I’m happy where I am, thanks”, maybe you are prematurely dismissing an excellent career opportunity just because of its location!


Enlightened employers often offer many enhancements to offset the location of their facility where jobs are based.


Quality of Life/Financial Benefits:


The list can include:


  • Premium compensation,
  • Retention bonuses,
  • Relocation bonuses,
  • Travel allowances,
  • Housing allowances,
  • Moving expenses,
  • Enhanced vacation time and
  • Spill-over days to allow extra time for everyday errands.


Other practical considerations include the:


  • Lower cost of living in rural areas,
  • A friendlier environment as often found in a small town setting, and
  • Abundant recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and other outdoor pursuits.


Career Enhancement:


Career enhancement is also part of the equation. Exposure to working in remote locations combined with enhanced skill levels may make you more attractive for future promotion within the company or to other future employers.


Are you ready to move up the corporate ladder? Many professionals face several obstacles standing in their way of a vertical promotion. For some, especially in times of economic slow-downs, people may not be retiring, so there is no room for advancement. Other times, it’s a lack of specific experience and often, you’ve spent so much time in one area, you’re lacking a general knowledge or experience in a broader business sense. This experience can be tough to find, especially when there are several other people competing for the same promotion and you have focused on one area of opportunity in your career cycle.


The question you must ask yourself is: “What can I do to gain the experience I need to move up?”


Vertical Career Benefits


In our experience, making a lateral move to a small-town facility can provide great exposure to a variety of business experiences, which often gives you a step-up when you’re ready for a big-time promotion- providing you’re still interested in leaving your new small town! Small town facilities tend to offer a more expansive opportunity to work in a broader capacity. Small town facilities tend not to departmentalize your work, which means a broader exposure to key areas of all aspects of the business, which often won’t happen in larger conglomerates in the city. For those of you who are looking for a broader understanding of the business and customer side of ag- a seemingly lateral small-town relocation may have vertical career, boosting benefits!


So, before you turn down the offer to apply or interview for a great job in a rural or remote location, take a look at the big picture. Know what you want and need as the next step in your career, and maybe this job will open more doors for your future!

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