About Grasslands Recruitment Specialists

1. What is the Grasslands Recruitment Specialists Professional Career Site?
Our Career Site is a listing of positions for which we have a signed search agreement.

2. How do I work with a Recruiter?
Complete details are available by clicking here

3. Does it cost me anything to work with you?
IT IS ILLEGAL FOR A CAREER SEEKER TO PAY A SEARCH FIRM FOR PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE. Instead, the companies that hire recruiters to fill a position pay for their services. This fee is calculated using the starting salary of the position. Be wary of any recruiter who asks you to pay them a fee.

Navigating the Site

1. How do I apply to a job that interests me?
If you view a position that matches your career goals and experience press APPLY to complete our self-service application process.  The recruiter will be notified immediately.  For more information on a position, contact the recruiter listed in the ad directly.

2. How do I see all available job postings?
Select CURRENT OPPORTUNITIES to view the positions we have posted. Please note, we often have clients requesting we “keep an eye out” for individuals with various skillsets within our niche markets.  Emailing your resume to be included in our database ensures your skills will be viewed in such circumstances.

3. How do I search for a particular job?
Select CURRENT OPPORTUNITIES to view the positions we have posted.

4. What happens after I apply to a job?
While you may have applied for a specific position, we want you to find the right fit and it could be a matter of days or many months (we have heard stories of years in some cases) before your specific credentials become relevant to a job that our firm has under contract. We do not just fill job requisitions – our recruiters look beyond eligibility to ensure suitability for long-term employment.

Career Opportunities

1. Why is a company name not listed?
During the outsourcing of the search, the client requests that our firm handle all applications. While we do not mention the company in the initial advertisements, full disclosure is provided to candidates under consideration.

2. Why is the salary or location not posted on many of the jobs?
During a career search, a position’s location is very important and we always endeavour to ensure the geographic area is indicated in our posts. However, as a third party, we keep our client’s information confidential to ensure they are not contacted directly (as per their request). All short-listed candidates are given the opportunity to speak with a recruiter who will answer questions plus send them an email with additional pertinent information regarding company name, location, and remuneration. Armed with the ‘full’ information regarding the position, an applicant can then make an objective decision.

3. How can I find out more about a job?
Call us! 1.888.778.0570 or connect directly with the assigned recruiter indicated in the job posting.

4. Do you advertise entry-level or contract jobs?
Our niche is mid-to-senior level professional careers within the Canadian agricultural marketplace.  Periodically we offer contract roles but rarely are engaged by clients for entry-level positions.

Resumes and Profiles

1. How do I edit my resume?
As account credentials have changed, please forward a revised resume (txt, .doc, and .pdf versions) – our staff will be pleased to update your file.  Please forward your updated chronological resume to grs@grasslandsgroup.com.

2. How can I submit more than one resume?
The system maintains all resumes submitted but recognizes the most recent upload as current. Feel free to share multiple ‘focus’ resumes.

3. Why should I submit my resume?
A resume is a chronological listing of your career progression. While it isn’t the only consideration, it is a first introduction. Many employers require a resume. Remember, the relationship with a recruiter is often more about tomorrow than it is about today. Career changes are life altering and leveraging a professional recruiter will reduce risk and leave nothing to chance.

4. Can I use any special formatting in my resume?
Our system accepts resumes in multiple formats.  The preferred methods are Word, PDF, or text.

5. Why should I put my contact information in my resume?
We have had individuals submit resumes that were missing significant contact information. To ensure you are not overlooked, include your full name, home email, address, home phone, and cell phone number as a minimum. Your work phone number is optional but recommended. Professional recruiters know how to communicate confidentially during the workday.


1. What is a SkillScope?
A SkillScope is ten position-related questions (maximum) sent to candidates. A SkillScope is intended to allow you to present specific responses to document how your directly related or transferable expertise and skills can be applied to specific duties of the role for which you’ve applied, in a relaxed environment. Two or three articulate paragraph responses is adequate per question.

GRS may send the SkillScope for immediate completion as a form document or you may be provided the questions a couple days in advance of a face-to-face question period.

2. SkillScope Testimonials

Testimonials from previous candidates after completion of a SkillScope questionnaire:

‘What a great challenge this kind of thing always is. I’ve learned something about myself in many respects today. No matter the outcome of this search think I’ll be a better manager, at least a little more self-aware. I hope this is as informative for you as it was for me. I look forward to visiting with you again.’ CC from Lethbridge AB

The process that I went through as a candidate for a position being staffed by Grasslands was very rewarding for me, not just because of the success of getting a great new job, but also because it forced me to look at “me” as a potential job candidate. During my career, I had had the opportunity to interview and hire new employees. As a result, I thought I understood what a prospective employer might want to see, so I entered the process with some concerns about my own employability. I had worked for the same employer for a long time, and in my mind, I felt I was somewhat one dimensional. That is to say, I had spent a very long time “doing what I do” and not really thinking about what skills I was “finding” along the way. The process that I went through with Grasslands, forced me to think about what I could actually bring to a new career – a new employer and again, while I was fortunate enough to be successful on my first attempt, I know that had I went through a second or third attempt to find a new career, I would have been much more confident that there was a new career out there for me and that I did have something to offer a prospective new employer. CT from Saskatchewan

My Account

1. Why can I not log in?
Effective May 2013, we have converted all data to a new applicant tracking system.  All previous login credential are obsolete.  Please contact our office at 1.888.778.0570 for assistance.

2. Is my information sold through resume search?
Our firm does not offer resume search or purchase of your information. With your permission, however, we may present your file to a client that may be seeking someone with your qualifications through our Candidate Presentation service.

3. How do I change my contact information?
As account login credentials have changed, every time you apply using the same email address, your ‘file’ is linked behind the scenes.  If your contact information has changed, please contact our staff to update on your behalf through our contact form or by calling 1.888.778.0570.

4. Do you still have an account for me?
Effective May 2013, we have converted all data to a new applicant tracking system.  During this conversion, we have refreshed our database to contain current profiles of individuals.  Those who have not returned documents sent to them or those who have had no contact with Grasslands Recruitment Specialists since submitting their resume may be removed from our records. Those individuals that have returned all documents sent to them and who wish to be continually alerted of opportunities that suit their skills will remain in our system unless they specifically request to be removed.

Grasslands Recruitment Specialists reserves the right to remove Career Seekers’ profiles from our database at any time, for any reason, without notice.

Technical Issues & Error Messages

1. I have not received any e-mail from Grasslands Recruitment Specialists. Why is this?

  • Confirm with us that your email is correctly listed in your Profile (we’ve had individuals type .con not .com during the application/registration process)
  • Understand it may take some time! The relationship with a recruiter is more about tomorrow than today. It could be a matter of days or many months (we’ve heard stories of years in some cases) before your specific credentials become relevant to a job that our firm has under research.