“Change is inevitable – Growth is optional”.  John C. Maxwell said this years ago but it truly reflects the times.   It is so timeless as it has many applications – relationships, business practices, etc.  When hard times affect business, the usual phrase is to ‘bounce back’ from the hardships. Bouncing forward, however, encapsulates growth!

Articles online related to this topic have different focuses but they all tend to revolve around the keyword – resilience.  Merriam-Webster has two definitions for this – the second being ‘an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change’.  Times colonist Trevor Hancock said: “This is where a different understanding of resilience might be helpful: Not bouncing back to the past way of doing things, but bouncing forward to a new way of doing things, out of the situation that is causing the stresses and into a new, better alternative future.”

To my knowledge, businesses have never been affected negatively on such a global scale before.  Many businesses have show resilience by reacting and adapting to the situation well.  Those that can have moved their workforce to home offices.  Technology is being used to improve communication more than ever.  Governments are offering financial support to keep doors open and fund the changes.  And, unfortunately, some doors have closed temporarily and permanently. Proactive, operational change has required businesses that remain to adapt to survive – but, as John C. Maxwell said – will they choose to grow?

“If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’re going to keep getting what you’ve been getting.”Author unknown

Is resilience or resistance your motto?

You have already shown resiliency with your past and current successes! Today’s challenges don’t have to stop growth. Continuing to bounce forward into the new normal will develop resilience!  What choice are you going to make today?

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