Why ghosting is not a good idea and how it could affect your career.

According to Career Beacon, recruiters and hiring managers say that the average no-shows for them was about 20% – 50%. This is scary as this statistic relates to a Candidate not showing up to a prearranged interview! We don’t have any statistics to show how many disappear after the interview or don’t show up for work.

Ghosting is not something that you should be doing when seeking a career change – interviews, job offers, or in any professional capacity, but here’s our take on it.

Had an Interview? Don’t be afraid to follow up

  • The first step in basic business etiquette after your interview, send a thank-you note in the mail or via email that day. One week with no communication? Hang tight. If it’s been two or three weeks without any word from the interviewer, reach out, experts said.
  • Match the medium to the message. If you had a strong rapport with the interviewer then pick up the phone and try to reach them directly. Don’t always be so reliant on email. Leave a message but rehearse beforehand so you can sound upbeat and committed.

Trying to Get an Interview? Chase Real Connections

  • Reach out to the right person. Take a look to make sure that you’re contacting a person in your area or department of interest. Do not just randomly clicking on people because you’re interested in the company
  • Pursuing in-person connections, like information interviews over coffee, is also important. Alumni associations, family, friends and LinkedIn are all great ways to make good connections

Are you the Ghoster?

  • Any communication is better than none.
  • If you’ve scheduled an interview with someone – show up. Your integrity is on the line.
  • If you have decided to go a different route, be sure to let all other parties know.
  • For goodness sake, if you are offered a role, and accept it SHOW UP! If for some reason you change your mind, be sure to let the hiring manager/recruiter know promptly.

Understand the Current Employment Market

  • In Agribusiness, there are typically more available people than jobs

Understand the implications of Ghosting after an interview

  • If you ghost on an interview with a prospective client, or recruiter your reputation is tainted, they can and will move on quickly to the next possible candidate.
  • You never know who someone is, or will become, and when you might encounter them again. That woman whose afternoon you totally messed up because you didn’t show, and she waited around for two hours when she could have scheduled something else? She is not going to forget you. And if she winds up in a position to hire you for a job you really want, she probably won’t. Also, you ruined her day. She’s going to tell her friends.



We could all do better. But let it start with you.

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