While it is common for an applicant to decline a job offer sometimes an employer rescinds an offer.  There are a number of reasons why this may happen.

  • The company found a better suited applicant for the role.
  • The company had a change in financial situation or placed a hiring freeze in affect.
  • The company found something in the applicant’s references or background check that cause them to change their mind.

What steps can you take in this situation?


Request Feedback

Reach out to the company and find out why your job offer was rescinded.  Ensure that you remain calm and take the feedback in stride.  If the reason they provide you was out of your control such as a more suitable applicant or a hiring freeze then you can just move on.  If the reason that your offer was rescinded was for something uncovered in your background, check, references or social media then you can take steps to ensure that you get ahead of these issues for future offers.


Take Another Look at Other Job Offers

During your job search other companies may have reached out to you to request an interview, it may be a good idea to take another look at those and see if there are any that still appeal to you.  If you received any other job offers you might consider taking one of those instead.


Contact Previous Employers

If you left your previous company on good terms, then you have an opportunity to reach out to them to see if they would hire you back into a different role that may provide a promotion or a good career transition.  While hiring back previous employees used to be somewhat frowned upon, recent years has seen an uptick in this trend.


Leverage Your Network

Take a look at your network and see if there are any openings with companies where you already know people who work there.  Many companies now offer employee referral programs.  Sometimes your network is a great place to find positions that aren’t being advertised on job boards.


Seek Out a Recruiter

Recruiting firms often work on searches that are not advertised on any job boards and due to their relationship with the employer can get your resume in the right hands.  Even if you are able to secure new employment on your own it can always be beneficial to have a good recruiter in your network.

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