Staying calm and thinking strategically can improve your confidence if you are seeking a new job during uncertain economic conditions.

As you launch or continue your job search, consider these ‘tips’:

  • Seek assistance from a professional employment agency or recruitment firm that works within your specialty
  • Keep an open mind to opportunities you may never have considered before.
  • Research industries less likely to be affected by downsizing.
  • Think “outside the box”. Therefore, prepare different resumes to highlight different skill sets so you can apply (and be qualified for) a wider option of job opportunities.
  • Prepare company/position-specific cover letters. Don’t use a templated cover letter for all applications because it is obvious to the reader when you do.
  • Don’t avoid positions for which you’d be slightly over-qualified
  • Consider a position for which you’d be slightly under-qualified as proving yourself now will open doors for advancement later.
  • Be realistic in the positions for which you are applying. Consider the list of qualifications the employer seeks and only link your name to those that fit your background.
  • Keep your search purposeful. Don’t apply to everything out there just ‘hoping’ to get an interview. You may want a job due to financial reasons but taking just anything won’t benefit your career in the long-term.
  • Perhaps propose a “contract” solution to a company requiring project work. They may not want a fulltime employee but the business still needs to get work done.
  • Register with an employment company to provide “temporary” help to corporations. This can open a wide array of options and allow you to experience a company’s culture BEFORE you work there fulltime.
  • Network with everyone as you never know who might be able to help. Consider self-employment if you have a skill or passion that could be turned into a successful business without substantial start up costs.
  • Consider retraining to prepare yourself for that job you’ve always wanted.
  • If possible, make a personal connection with the hiring manager(s). Allow them to put a face/voice to the name on the resume. Reach out through LinkedIn or drop by the business and introduce yourself.

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