Getting invited to an interview for a position you have always wanted is exciting. But before you start the happy dance, are you sure that you are prepared to put your best foot forward? There are plenty of ways you could foul up the interview process, but there are some crucial ones that turn off the Hiring Manager immediately. Here is what you need to take care of:

Don’t Just Talk About Yourself

Organizations want to know if you are a team player. Also, they are interested to know if the job interests you and have you taken time to understand the job requirements. Your qualifications might be impressive but unless it fits the role, you talking about yourself does not really make a lot of sense. Some statements you should use in an interview include:

–This job is a great fit for me because…
–Here is how I fit the role completely…

Do Thorough Research

Employers expect candidates to have complete knowledge about the services or products that the organization offers. It is fine to not have detailed knowledge, but your research should be enough to carry on a two-way conversation.

Go through the company website thoroughly and get a hang of the services they provide. Make the interviewer believe that you believe in same values as theirs and fit in perfectly.

You Have No Questions

Failing an opportunity to ask the employer can cost you an offer. No kidding, but interviews are two-way street. It is an opportunity where the employer gets to know you and you get to know the employer. You should be prepared with your set of questions that you put forward either throughout the interview or at end. It makes the employer believe that you care about being a part of the company.

Display Passion

If you as a potential employee display no passion or interest in what the company does day-to-day, the interviewer can turn you down in the beginning stage. Interviews are stressful, but you must prepare to sound motivated, passionate and confident about the entire process. Looking bored or uninterested might leave you jobless.

Do Not Smell of Drama

Employers do not like when a candidate comes in with a list of excuses why things didn’t work out well at their past jobs. If you have a ready list that continuously speaks negative about previous employers, it leaves an impression that you like to make excuses and probably would not be committed to this organization either. Employers will stay away from people who bad mouth to save themselves of any such things in the future.

Tell What You Can Do for the Company

Some candidates in an interview just want to talk about what a company can do for them without even mentioning what they have to offer to the organization. Employers immediately pass on a net taker and are inclined towards someone who is more of a giver. If you are someone like that, you have more chances of getting on board.

Have an Agenda

Have an agenda when you go for an interview. If you only prepare a set of questions, you have already lost the battle. Conduct your own research to answer questions and find creative ways to stand out of the crowd. Share things about yourself that are not displayed on your resume or be prepared with something unique that does not appear on a Google search.

You get invited to an interview when your resume displays the best of you- making you perfect for the role you applied for. When that first step of building your resume is done right, concentrate on the interview and ensure that you make a great impression.

By Akansha Arora Sethi,

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