With Gen Z expected to make up 27% of the workforce by 2025 and the number of open jobs increasing employers need to examine their hiring process to ensure they are desirable to this generation of tech savvy individuals.  Here are some of the ways that employers can attract more talent.

Quick and Easy Application Process

Not only does the application process need to be quick and easy but the hiring process also needs to be fast and responsive.  Applicants are looking for a mobile friendly and fast application experience when they apply but if the hiring process is too cumbersome then applicants will look elsewhere.  Your hiring process also needs to include some personalization and check-ins.

Social Media Presence

Employers have been using social media for several years to determine if a candidate is worth hiring based on their social media presence but now that practice is going both ways.  Many applicants will follow companies or individuals on social media to determine if their social media presence matches with their values and beliefs.  Companies who don’t use social media or don’t engage in supporting issues such as diversity and inclusion may be hurting their applicant flow.


Information about companies and job postings need to be transparent about important issues such as compensation, benefits, flexibility, diversity, inclusion, work hours and values.  Applicants will be keener to apply, and employees will be likelier to be loyal a company if their values are aligned.

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