If the thought of looking for a new job overwhelms you then using a recruiting or search firm to assist you might be a better option.  Working with a firm that specializes in the Agricultural Industry can be more fruitful or rewarding than working with a generalized firm.  Many times, recruiters know about opportunities that are not being advertised and therefore your resume can become one of only a few that the hiring manager will consider.  They can also give you advice on what clients are specifically looking for and assist with a successful interview and they will negotiate your offer.

The following will assist you in having a successful relationship with your recruiter.

Do Some Research

Find out which firms specialize in your industry.  Talk to your network to see if anyone has any feedback on the recruiting firm.

Get to Know Your Recruiter

Arrange to meet with your recruiter.  This meeting might take place in person or via web conference.  Your recruiter will take you through an in-depth interview process to understand where you have come from, where you at now, and where you see yourself in the future.  They will also explain the client’s specific recruiting process to you.  This is your chance to ask them questions as well to ensure that there is a good fit.

Be Clear on Your Goals and Objectives

Are there any companies that you want to work at?  What are your salary and compensation expectations?  Would you be open to relocation?  Why do you want to leave your current company?

Stay In Touch

Your recruiter will want to stay in touch with you including getting a debrief after any interviews.  If your situation changes, make sure you communicate with your recruiter.

About GRS

With over 50 years of combined experience in the agricultural industry, we provide specialized recruiting services for our clients. Our focus is to find the best candidate for our client employers and the perfect opportunity for career seekers. As a search firm, we have dedicated our resources to being an integral part of the continued growth and diversity of the Canadian agricultural economy. Our team is strategically placed throughout the Canadian labor market- understanding the needs of regional, national and international agribusiness employers.  We have been connecting Canadian agriculture since 1996.

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