There are many good reasons why working with an executive recruiter makes sense for your next hire as well as many common misconceptions.

Some companies will partner with a specialized executive recruiter and outsource their mid to senior level hiring because they recognize the value in it.  Some companies will first attempt to make a hire themselves and then partner with a recruiter if they are not successful.

Access to Applicants in a Talent Pool vs Posting to Online Job Boards

Misconception: Posting to online job boards will bring the same applicants that a recruiter can find.

While posting to online Job Boards will net a larger pool of applicants there is no guarantee that the applicants will be qualified for the position and many of these applicants are applying for multiple jobs.  After reviewing a large number of resumes, a qualified applicant may have already taken another role.

Reason: Recruiters have access to a different set of applicants

While recruiters do post their jobs to their own website and online job boards this is not the only source of finding applicants.  Most recruiters have an internal database of candidates who they have developed a relationship with over time.  A recruiter will only put forward candidates who are qualified and are truly interested in making a change.

Access to Industry Experience vs Using Internal Staff to Hire

Misconception: Using internal staff to hire will net the same results as using a recruiter

While internal staff may have a better understanding of the company they work for they only have access to the tools that the company can provide.  Therefore, an internal recruiter may only be screening resumes of applicants who apply through online job portals.

Reason: Recruiters have years of industry experience

Many recruiters have spent years developing their network and are able to tap into passive candidates who would never apply to an online job posting.

Cost of a Hire vs Cost of a Recruiting Fee

Misconception: Hiring on Our Own is Cheaper in the Long Run

A hiring manager may have to spend hours reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, doing reference checks and background checks that could be spent focusing on their job.

Having a position open for too long takes it toll on a company by placing extra stress on other employees as well as the hiring managers.

Filling a role with the most available applicant can cost a company in time, resources and money.

Reason: A recruiting fee may cover more than you expect

While all recruiters may define their search process a little differently here are the steps that are followed by Grasslands Recruitment Specialists.

Step 1: Initiating the Search – this step involves getting to know the organization, if it is the first-time client, as well as a detailed understanding of what is involved in the role ensuring that only candidates with the correct qualification and fit are put forward for the role.

Step 2: Conducting the Search – this step involves searching our network, our database and reaching out to potential applicants to garner interest in the role.  This step can take days, weeks or months depending on the role and the location.

Step 3: Presenting the Shortlist – this step involves presenting a list of potential candidates for review and those selected will move to the interview stage of the process.  Further testing and screening may take place at the request of the client.

Step 4: Selecting the Semi-Finalists and Arranging Interviews – this step involves arranging interviews between the company and the potential employees to confirm fit and qualifications.  Debriefing with both the company and candidates will occur after each interview.

Step 5: Hiring – this step involves negotiating an offer that is mutually satisfactory to both the company and the potential employee including start date, salary, benefits, resignation date and relocation expenses if applicable.

Step 6: Closing the Search Assignment – this step involves ensuring that everything goes well with the onboarding and probationary period to ensure that both the new employee and the hiring company are happy with the fit.  If valid circumstances cause a termination to happen, there is a replacement guarantee to fall back on.  Each finalist will be contacted post hire to protect the clients brand.

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