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Benefits of Executive Search

Many businesses are not fully aware of the benefits of using the services of a reputable executive search firm. It makes good sense for cost-conscious businesses to seek human resource solutions that will allow them to manage their time and financial resources efficiently and effectively - particularly as the majority of any business' expenses are related to human resources, including compensation, benefits, absenteeism, recruitment, and turnover. Our recruitment specialists use sophisticated methods, draw from a large pool of qualified candidates, have a network of contacts in place, and utilize in-depth assessment techniques, giving us an edge that is well beyond the scope of most businesses.

Our Executive Search Firm will:

  • Broaden the scope of the search for suitable candidates by developing an all encompassing search strategy geared towards a variety of mediums, locations and time frames
  • Save the time and money of preparing, word-smithing and placing advertisement in newspapers
  • Save the time taken up answering inquiries and screening potential applicants
  • Eliminate time spent interviewing & reference checking potentially unsuitable applicants
  • Speed up the hiring process by bringing forward some suitable candidates already on file and available for immediate interviews
  • Obtain PIPEDA / Privacy clearance statements from candidates
  • Work in complete confidence, maintaining the integrity of the client's image in the public eye
  • Assume responsibility for notifying all unsuccessful candidates
  • Conduct personality profiling, aptitude testing or utilize behavioral interviewing methods
  • Conduct reference checks, credit checks or additional background checks as required
  • Provide well qualified and therefore 'better quality' candidates
  • Schedule and prepare both clients and candidates for interviews
  • Assist with salary negotiations on behalf of client and candidate
  • Identify and resolve any outstanding issues

Fee structures vary, however our reputable firm will always set out a professional business agreement with our client company ahead of time. We stand behind our work, offering a guarantee period for every full service placement and a pledge to create a positive solution for everyone involved.

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